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Dog Days NJ has been your neighborhood dog walking / pet sitting service since 2010!  Upon starting Dog Days NJ, owner Ryan Roberts sat down with his wife and together they thought of every detail that would make them feel comfortable in leaving their four legged babies in the hands of a professional pet sitting service. Ryan then applied this care and attention to Dog Days NJ. Rest assured that when you put your trust in Dog Days NJ, you are getting a friend and companion for your pets. From our convenient online scheduling system, to the daily check-in sheets filled out by your dog’s walker, to our secure house key system: we’ve got you covered!

Our staff is comprised of pet enthusiasts. We take great pride in caring for (and at times spoiling) your furry friends when you are not home to do so. We treat them as if they are our own and we love every minute of it. All of our pet sitters are insured and bonded and have plenty of experience in caring for pets. Your satisfaction and peace of mind is our #1 priority. References from our clients/extended Dog Days NJ family are absolutely available upon request. We’re confident that we’ll receive two paws up!!

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 Trusted Dog Walker

We’ve got a PMA

The acronym PMA stands for a Positive Mental Attitude but, at Dog Days NJ, we’ve massaged that a bit for our purposes to stand for: Pawsitive Mental Attitude. We’ll be honest, it’s not hard to keep a positive attitude when our days are filled with dogs (and cats!) but there are still factors that try to get us off our game.

In New Jersey you never know what Mother Nature has in store so whether it’s a scalding 100 degrees or a frigid 10 degrees: we’ve got a PMA. On those days when there is a ton of traffic and/or road work sending us on endless detours: we’ve got a PMA. If we’re walking in a neighborhood where that one neighbor insists upon letting their dog roam off-leash or there’s that other neighbor who thinks it’s beneath them to pick up after their pup: we’ve got a PMA.

At Dog Days NJ we are eternally grateful that dogs fill our days. They’re always happy to see us and the feeling is quite mutual. Because of our amazing customers and their equally awesome furry friends: WE’VE GOT A PMA!!

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Dog Days NJ has been your neighborhood dog walking / pet sitting service since 2010! Contact Us Today!

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