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Ryan Roberts


Hi, my name is Ryan Roberts and I formed Dog Days NJ back in 2010. I’ve been an avid animal lover my entire life which is a trait I inherited from my mom. Growing up, my family always had dogs: Scarlet, Jesse, and Summer and we had too many cats to count (albeit not all at once). When my wife and I got married in 2009 we adopted a senior Chihuahua named Taffy and she changed our lives. She was the inspiration for me starting Dog Days NJ. Taffy was sleeping on my chest one day when the light went on and the rest, as they say, is history. We adopted Molly the Min Pin a year later who had those big innocent looking eyes that allowed her to get away with pretty much anything! Both have since passed and in May 2023 we adopted Maggie who is thought to be part Westie, part Wheaton, and other parts unknown (our son’s theory is that she is part Muppet which, when you see her, makes total sense). To get to be around animals each and every day is truly a gift and I could never imagine doing anything else. As corny as it is to say, I can never thank each and every one of our clients enough for putting their trust in our team to look after their furry friends when they are not home to do so. It is truly an honor and a responsibility that we do not take lightly!

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